Live Your Life Purpose Workshop 

The intention of this one day workshop is to support you in starting to live the early stages of your life purpose successfully within 30 days of attending this workshop.

Process of living your life purpose (Purposology Methodology taught at this workshop) 

  1. Discover your life purpose (This initial step is covered at the free Find Your Life Purpose event. This is a pre-requisite for attending the Live Your Life Purpose workshop)
  2. Uncover your 30-day intention for your life purpose
  3. Heal and let go of emotional & mental blocks that stop you from living your life purpose (We teach you our “feel it” method)
  4. Intuit your heart’s guidance on the steps required to achieve your 30-day intention (We teach you how to sense/tune into your heart’s guidance)
  5. Support you in having the courage to take the grounded actions to get from A to B within 30 days


Workshop details 

£95 – one day workshop – 10am – 5pm.

Sunday 28th May 2017

Location – London zone 1 -Venue TBC

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